​​Leek Wootton Horticultural Society

The History of Leek Wootton Village Horticultural Society 

In 2018, Leek Wootton Horticultural Society celebrated its 150 year of our Annual Show. The first show started in 1868 in a field in Leek Wootton, Warwickshire and encourage the cottagers to develop their gardens and gardening skills. A local dignitary,  Mr Augustus Wise, encouraged the local community to develop their garden into "useful or ornamental  gardens" and through his actions the Show was formed. The original extract is taken from the Leamington Spa

Courier / British Newspaper, I have attached here. An auction of produce was held at the end to raise funds for a local Hospital and Nursing Association. Although the entries were small they steadily increased to 150. It became a great success and continued until 1914 when war broke out.

In 1928 the show was revived on the local recreational ground with marquees and bowling for a live pig! By this time the entries had doubled and included a range of vegetables, fruit and flowers. The sale of produce continued to give the local hospital a large donation.
The show continued to grow, even through the second world war and eventually amalgamated with the local Church fete. One year the marquee was blown away destroying all the entries. Click here for extract.